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The Winding Roads Series 

Fig. 1: 26x36 in. 
Acrylic Paint,Spray Paint, Spackle

Fig. 2: 16x20 in.
Acrylic Paint

Fig. 3: 16x20 in.
Acrylic Paint, Spray Paint, Spackle


 ‘The Winding Roads’ is a paintings series that was made through the exploration of using different tools then my normal process. This also represents my journey as an artist and how it is a non-linear journey. Being an artist in this time where we have access to so many resources because of the internet, I found myself trying to develop something I haven’t seen before. In doing research, and observing other abstract artists, I found my inspiration to combine using my main medium (fluid art) and a new medium (spackle art). For this series was to create texture, not only with the spackle but the paint as well. My goal was to have someone become immersed in the experience of the non-linear, and messy journey of being an artist. Being a beginner artist can be circuitous because there is no rule book to having your art become successful and it could take a long time before one can see their work paying off. This is a physical representation of what that feels like for me. 


(Figure 1)


(Figure 2)

(Figure 3)

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