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About Me

My name is Kayla Acevedo and I am the Founder and Head Creator for Sanctuary Sketches. I am a Puerto Rican multidisciplinary artist that resides in Orange County, New York. I use various mediums to create my art work such as Acrylic paint, Spackle, Epoxy Resin, Spray Paint, etc. I started painting with acrylics as a form of therapeutic relief in the year of 2016, but didn’t start publicly showing my art until 2020 on Instagram. I started posting my art under the username @SanctuarySketches with the initial intention of creating art that can help bring awareness to her other passion of mental health. I started out creating digital art graphics trying to de-stigmatize the common associations that come along with having mental illness. During the process I also received my BA in Psychology at Mount Saint Mary College and since then determined that art does have a beneficial role in a therapeutic setting. Now I am attending Long Island University to obtain my Masters in Art Therapy to further my passion for healing through the arts. Although my direction with my art creating has made a small shift in terms of the content I create, my overall goal is to bring peace, and excitement to people who buy my art; while simultaneously spreading awareness to the healing capacities that art can bring to anyone regardless of artistic background.

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Artist Statement

The overall vision for creating my art is finding meaning in esoteric abstract pieces of art. The process of this work is finding the right colors, ratios, and movements to create something that can never be replicated perfectly. My inspiration comes from natural colors and organic shapes often found in nature. Serendipity is also what drives my inspiration through finding unexpected experiences, people, and places. I am a firm believer in “what is meant to be will be” and “no such thing as coincidences” and so I take these beliefs and make art out of it. What drives my art is finding beauty and aesthetic appeal in things that may not have one particular way of viewing it or interpreting it. I encourage my audience to just have an open mind when viewing my art, but also try not to define my art as being one thing. My art overall is not one particular theme, it is just a culmination of who I have become thus far. This can not be just one thing. My audience and viewers should feel curious, excited, and engaged when viewing my art but should not take it too seriously. My art has been birthed through self exploration and I encourage the audience to do the same when viewing it. 


I'm always looking for new, exciting opportunities and collaborations. Let's connect.

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